About Us

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Mr. Biltong Beef Jerky Company was created to meet the growing demand for locally-produced premium meat snacks. Mr. Biltong provides a tastier, more tender, and healthier alternative to conventional beef jerky.

Local Focus

We are proud Manitobans, and for now we are focusing on just the Manitoba market. We hope expand our availability someday in the future, as we work towards our ultimate goal: Sharing meat love with the world!


Our Story

Our story starts back in 2007, when our resident meat wizard, Jeremy, was living in South Africa on assignment for his engineering job. While exploring the local cuisine, Jeremy discovered biltong and developed quite a taste for it…obsession might be a better word…and he consumed copious amounts.

On a visit back to his hometown of Winnipeg, Jeremy tried to find a local biltong provider to feed his new-found hunger, but the options were limited and the mouthwatering taste he’d come to love in Johannesburg just wasn’t there. Realizing that he couldn’t be truly happy knowing that delicious biltong existed beyond his reach, Jeremy did what anyone with an insatiable craving for cured and dried meat would do: he decided to make it himself.

Back in South Africa, Jeremy learned the basics from a colleague named Koos, and after a bit of practice was able to produce some okay-tasting biltong of his own. Confident that he’d be able to “get by” when he moved back to Canada, Jeremy also knew he could do better, so he turned to his engineering background and, after researching different recipes and creating some spreadsheets, started running trials: making, eating and ranking many, many batches of biltong, until he eventually honed in on “the one” and has been making this recipe ever since.

Although Jeremy was primarily making biltong to feed his personal addiction, he did sometimes share it with family, friends and co-workers, and it always got rave reviews. After enough people said “This is delicious!” and “I would pay good money for this!”, Mr. Biltong Beef Jerky Company was founded in early 2017 with the support of his wife and eating partner, Megan. These two biltong-lovers now run the company together.

Megan and Jeremy at a game reserve near Johannesburg, way back in 2008.