Products & Flavours

At Mr. Biltong, we make a different kind of beef jerky that is seasoned and cured, then slowly air-dried at low temperatures using techniques that originated in Southern Africa over 400 years ago.

Our products are less salty and use a minimum of preservatives, so they taste more like real meat than conventionally jerky.

We are proudly Manitoban, so we use only Manitoba-raised meats in all of our products!

Traditional Biltong

Traditional Biltong is dried as large steak-sized pieces, then sliced thinly across the grain. This results in a tender finished product, with a rich, meaty taste that is best described as a cross between prosciutto and conventional jerky.

Our regular biltong uses a nice lean cut of beef so that it is naturally low in fat and calories. But we also offer a marbled option in a few flavours, where we use the same spices but we choose our most marbled cuts of AAA Manitoba beef for a richer, fuller flavour.

Available sizes: 95g / 200 g / Bulk (500 g or 1 kg)

For nutritional information, see Flavours below.


Stokkies use the same delicious spices as our biltong, but are cut into thin strips before seasoning and drying, resulting a drier and chewier finished product (similar in texture to conventional jerky).  For those who want a mouth work-out!

Available sizes: 80g / 170 g / Bulk (500 g or 1 kg)

For nutritional information, see Flavours below.


An all-natural South African farmer’s sausage, made fresh with no preservatives using only Manitoba-raised meats.  Our boerie recipe is founded on coriander and black pepper, then we add nutmeg, cloves, and allspice so it is quite savoury. Tastes perfect when cooked over coals on the braai, but a BBQ works great too (delivered frozen).

Our classic boerewors recipe uses a delicious blend of 70% beef and 30% pork.

Or try our all-beef version!


Our droëwors tastes just like our boerewors, only smaller and drier. This dry-cured all-beef meat stick can be described as “kind of like a pepperoni stick” but it has a much different flavour.

NOTE: We currently are not offering droëwors for sale, but when we do, we’ll let you know!



Our classic flavours of biltong and stokkies are time-tested favourites, and are available from a variety of retail vendors around Manitoba


The one that started it all! Seasoned with black & white pepper and coriander, it is savoury but not spicy. A real crowd pleaser.

Spicy Cayenne

With cayenne in the mix, this flavour has a bit of kick. It has a moderate heat level similar to medium salsa that leaves a nice afterglow.

Red-Hot Habanero

Harnessing the power of habanero, this one packs a punch with a sneaky delayed afterburn! It has a hot sauce level of heat, but if you like spicy foods, you’ll be fine.

Signature Series

Our Signature Series products are smaller run and are only available directly from us.


Seasoned with garlic and ginger to give it some zing, we also add a little bit of honey for a touch of sweetness.

Marbled Original

Our take on the quintessential South African biltong, with a bit of a fat cap and/or nice marbling throughout. Just like a ribeye steak, more fat = more flavour! This is biltong for connoisseurs.

Marbled Teriyaki

Same great Teriyaki flavour, but using a more marbled cut of beef, this stuff is Meat Wizard approved! Lovingly nicknamed “Fat Teri”, it has also been called “the food of gods.”  Need we say more?

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