Two styles of jerky to choose from:


Tender, meaty strips of cured beef.  Dried slowly in large, steak-sized pieces, then thinly sliced.  Delicious!

95 g: $9.95 | 200 g: $18.95


Flavourful sticks of cured beef, sliced and spiced before drying.  Similar in texture to conventional jerky, but with tasty biltong spices.

80 g: $9.95 | 170 g: $18.95

 Both styles of jerky are available in 3 flavour options:

Original Biltong


This is the one that started it all! With flavour notes of black & white pepper, and coriander.

Spicy Biltong

Spicy Cayenne

We add cayenne to produce a medium heat-level that leaves a nice afterglow.

Hot Biltong

Red-Hot Habanero

Harnessing the power of habanero, this flavour packs a punch, with a sneaky delayed afterburn effect.

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